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    BY AIR
    New for winter season 18/19;
    Good news for our British friends! Direct flight to Åre Östersund Airport, 110km from Storhogna. Also from Copenhagen there is direct flights. 

    Fly London Gatwick or Bristol - Östersund Airport with easyJet.

    Scandinavian Airlines and Flyg BRA flies from Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Bromma Stockholm Airport to Östersund all the year round. Skidflyget flies direct from Malmö and Gothenburg during the winter season from 20 December –  April.

    Book taxi for fixed price, from Östersunds Airport.
    1400 kr for regular car, 1-4 persons, single trip.
    1800 kr for big car, 5-8 people, single trip.
    Bookable by mail; [email protected], please enter flight number when booking.
    Phone +4663-123456.

    Distance to Storhogna Högfjällshotell & Spa
    Stockholm 470km
    Gothenburg 650km
    Oslo 470km
    Sundsvall 200km
    Östersund 110km
    Sveg 80km

    From Stockholm
    Route: Tönnebro-Bollnäs-Järvsö-Ljusdal-Kårböle-Ytterhogdal-Rätan-Storhogna
    Take the E4 motorway north to Tönnebro after Gävle, and then take road 83 via Tönnebro-Bollnäs-Järvsö to Ljusdal-Kårböle. Turn off onto road 84 towards Rätan and then follow road 315 all the way to Storhogna.

    Alternative route from Stockholm
    Route: Hudiksvall-Ljusdal-Kårböle
    Take the E4 motorway north to Hudiksvall that lies after Gävle and Tönnebro. Then take road 84 via Hudiksvall-Delsbo-Ljusdal-Rätan and follow road 315 all the way to Storhogna.

    From Malmö and Gothenburg
    Take road 45 from Gothenburg all the way to Sveg. Then take road 84 towards Funäsdalen, followed by road 315 towards Vemdalen and onwards to Storhogna.


    Overnight train
    Snälltåget (express train): Malmö/Stockholm/Göteborg - Vemdalen

    The Snälltåget express train departs every Saturday from 21 December to  April  from Malmö via Stockholm to Vemdalen. There are no other stops along the journey until Röjan train station, where you change to a bus that takes you to your destination. The bus journey takes 20 minutes. The service will also be running to and from Gothenburg during the spring half term.

    Daytime train
    Snötåget (daytime train): Stockholm – Vemdalen
    This daytime train runs daily (not on Christmas Eve) from Stockholm between 21 December 2016 and 17 April 2017. It departs at 09:45 and arrives at around 16:40.

    All train arrivals and departures to and from Röjan train station are serviced by Vemdalen’s Snöpendel bus network, which takes guests to all three ski resorts in Vemdalen.

    Trains to Vemdalen from all over Sweden

    You can book tickets to Vemdalen from other places in Sweden. Search on SJ’s website and select one of Vemdalen’s end destinations: Björnrike Centrat, Vemdalen by, Vemdalsskalet, Storhogna Högfjällshotell, Hotell Klövsjöfjäll or Röjan station. These stations are serviced by the local bus network. You will need to change trains in either Mora or Östersund.

    Read more about Snötåget

    BUS WITH HÄRJEDALINGEN - Book here / See timetable

    Daily trips from eg Stockholm City Terminal and several resorts with arrival at Storhogna Högfjällshotell & Spa. An easy and cheap way to get to Storhogna. Follow the link to find departures from your city.


    The Snöpendeln train service runs to Vemdalen from Christmas to Easter. There are several departures per day – please check the fixed timetable between Björnrike, Vemdalsskalet, Klövsjö/Storhogna and Röjan station.