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  • Samevistet chalet |  In the middle of the Swedish wilderness


    The Samevistet is a cozy, old Sami cottage, 3.5 kilometers up in the mountains from the hotel. A perfect destination winter or summer! Here we serve waffles, goulash soup, sandwiches, homemade pastries, hot and cold drinks (we accept cards).

    The Samevistet café is open every weekend Friday-Sunday week 2-6 between 11-14 and daily from week 7 between 11-15.

    In the Sami residence there is a limited number of places, which during the winter may mean that you have to wait outside to get a place inside, here table service applies. Bring extra warm clothes and a piece of chocolate. Jan-Åke or another of Storhogna's service stars serves you waffles on recipes from Huså that are worth the wait!

    The Sami cottage is the perfect excursion destination, go with weasel, skis, snowmobiles or why not snowshoes?