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  • Spa for a day / evening

    Visit our lovely spa in the mountains for a day or an evening

    "Spa for a day or evening" is a relaxing day package for yourself, or together with your loved ones.

    The experience includes;

    - Storhognas lovely lunch buffet or our luxurious three-course dinner
    - Afternoon tea in the Winter Garden
    - Spa with sauna, pool and jacuzzi
    - Optional 30/60/80 minute treatment
    - Free access to fruit, nuts and tea
    - Participate in one of our led workouts or free training in our gym
    - Loan of bathrobe, slippers and towel

    Ps, choose your treatment before you book.

    Spa for a day at noon. 9:00 to 16:00
    From 895 SEK

    Spa for a night at. 15.00-
    From 1295 SEK

    A day or evening filled with pleasure and well-being!

    Book by: [email protected] or tel: 0682-41 30 32, 0682-41 30 30